Executive Chef Francisco Ruiz has been passionate about the art of cooking for over 20 years. Originally hailing from Mexico, Francisco moved to the bay area in 1993 and currently resides in Danville, California. During his first job as a line cook at Mudd’s in San Ramon, he discovered a love of cooking that he would continue to nurture throughout the years. Francisco has lent his culinary talents to Northern California restaurants such as Blackhawk Grille and Chows and the Blue Footed Booby, where he served as Executive Chef.

Francisco furthered his career when he apprenticed under celebrity chef Cat Cora at Postino in Lafayette for a year. He credits her, along with the other chefs he studied with, as a key influence in his culinary style. He joined McGah’s Pub & Pianos in 2010 as Executive Chef and brings his signature style to the restaurant’s mouth-watering dishes. For his culinary point of view, Francisco finds inspiration in simplicity. His philosophy is to take classic favorites and elevate them with unique twists and creative flavors. That’s why you won’t find your average burgers, salads or sandwiches at McGah’s! Francisco takes pride in a natural approach. Everything is made from scratch at McGah’s, and he incorporates the flavors of seasonal items and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. His personal favorites on the menu? McGah’s famous fish tacos and risotto with grilled chicken!

Whether he’s in the McGah’s kitchen or preparing a meal at home for his family, Francisco’s love and passion for cooking is evident in every delicious bite. As he celebrates over two decades as a chef, McGah’s Pub & Pianos is proud to have one of the industry’s most creative culinary minds as the heart and soul of our kitchen.