Dave Alan

Way down south in small-town Louisiana, Dave Alan began developing his chops at a young age. Taking lessons from the same teacher who taught his mom how to play, Dave was tickling the ivories by the time he was 8.  He continued his studies into college and quickly started playing in cover bands to raise money for beer and the occasional textbook. By the time he graduated college, Dave was getting steady work playing gigs, and his career as a musician showed promise. So, he abandoned his calling as a part-time master pizza chef and focused all his energy into rocking full-time. He eventually made the move to the west coast and currently lives in Danville, California. When he’s not performing, he enjoys juggling, freestyle rapping and throwing rocks at trains.

Travis Von Cartier

Travis Von Cartier was born and raised in the suburban wastelands of Phoenix, Arizona studying piano privately as well as euphonium and tuba, later teaching himself many other instruments by the end of high school. He is thankful for his tenure as a nerdy drum major in the high school marching band, and to his mother for making him take piano lessons at such an early age. He finds great enjoyment in playing the smooth yacht rock hits of the late 70s/early 80s, as well as metal, ghetto gangster rap and the Bee Gees.